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The Comet was originally conceived as a member of the  Edsel lineup, and as such, carried very strong Edsel cues. It was reassigned to Mercury dealerships after the demise of the Edsel marque, where it was marketed as a standalone product. It was initially released without any divisional badging, only "Comet" badges, and would not be branded as a Mercury for two more years. What was the first production year of the Comet?    1960

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Chevrolet introduced a luxuriously-appointed hardtop coupe, called the Bel Air. The new Bel Air included upgraded cord and leather-grain vinyl trim (available in a choice of several two-tone schemes), full carpeting with other appointments not available in even the Deluxe series, and a wide range of two-tone paint schemes.  Availability of Powerglide, a two-speed automatic transmission, was exclusively in the Deluxe and Bel Air models and was powered by a 235-cubic inch six-cylinder engine developing 105 horsepower. Models sold with the standard three-speed manual transmission got the usual 216.5-cubic inch engine, developing 92 horsepower. What year was the Bel Air's introduction?

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