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The Mustang Boss 429 was produced for the 1969 and 1970 model years. In total there were 1358 original Boss 429s made,  859 in 1969 and 499 in 1970.

The Yenko Super Camaro was a modified Chevrolet Camaro prepared by Yenko Chevrolet, developed by the dealership owner and racer, Don Yenko. When the Camaro debuted, a General Motors corporate edict prevented it from carrying an engine larger than 400 cu in. Don Yenko and others knew there was a market for a more powerful Camaro and found ways around the GM limit. In 1967 and 1968 Yenko started with L78 396 SS cars (ordered with COPO 9737 packages) and swapped in L72 427 engines. For 1969, Yenko worked with Chevrolet to have the L72 engines installed on the factory assembly line using a Corporate Office Production Order (COPO).  

How many Yenko Super Camaros were produced in the 3 year run?

The Boss 429 is arguably one of the rarest and most valued muscle cars to date. The origin of the Boss 429 came about as a result of NASCAR. Ford was seeking to develop a Hemi engine that could compete with the famed 426 Hemi from Chrysler. After much consideration, it was decided by Ford that the Mustang would be the car that would house this new engine. Production of the Boss 429 began in 1968 at Kar Kraft's new assembly plant in Brighton, Michigan (Kar Kraft being the same company with a hand in developing the GT40) where they were modified to handle the new engine and it's power. The cars were rated very conservatively at 375 hp and 450 lb⋅ft of torque. Actual output was estimated to be closer to the 500 horsepower mark.

How many Boss 429's were produced in total?

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