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Ford Thunderbird was designed to be a personal luxury sport car. Through the years it was used to introduce many innovative items and styling cues. One of those items was sequential turn signals, flashing the individual segments of the broad, horizontal tail lights in sequences from inside to outside to indicate a turn.  What year was the introduction of this innovative design?

Hudson launched their "step-down" bodies, which lasted through the 1954 model year. The term step-down referred to Hudson's placement of the passenger compartment down inside the perimeter of the frame; riders stepped down into a floor that was surrounded by the perimeter of the car's frame. The result was not only a safer car, and greater passenger comfort as well, but, through a lower center of gravity, good-handling car. In time almost all U.S. automakers would embrace it as a means of building bodies. What year was the introduction of this innovative design?     ​1948

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